Industrial equipment maintenance and preventative planning solutions

Hyndman Industrial Services

Hyndman Industrial Services offers 20 years of diverse experience serving heavy industrial, food manufacturing plants, and agriculture facilities. Our partnership keeps your equipment running efficiently and you compliant with guidelines.

We provide equipment maintenance and preventative planning solutions for Industrial, Commercial, and Agriculture Industries, Small Businesses and Individuals.


There is always work to be done to keep your plant facility and production running at top operation. Integrity and safety compliance are essential to us.  We provide professional services for operational inspections, troubleshooting/diagnostics, repairs, and new equipment installation.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is a proactive measure that provides the most reliable and continuous performance from your equipment and is a much more cost effective means of maintenance. Keep your work force focused on higher priorities: our planned maintenance services are designed to ensure functionality and reliability.


We provide Custom Fabrication Services for Industrial, Commercial and agriculture industries, small business and personal equipment. Whether you have some legacy equipment that needs to be repaired or small production support equipment to be built; you can trust our shop for your fabrication services. 


Heavy Industrial – Food Manufacturing Plants – Agriculture Facilities & Industries – Small Business – Personal